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The „Ship“ trampoline is for children from the ages of 3 to 14 years. Trampoline made of premium quality German PVC fabric, i.e. The sides of the trampoline are made of 650 g / m2 PVC fabric, while the jumping-skating space is 680 g / m2 PVC fabric. Fabrics are double-sewn, with in some place- with quadruple sutures.

The equipment can be chosen from the sample provided or it is possible to order individual trampolines according to your desired dimensions, color choice and visual equipment. The preliminary production and delivery time for the trampoline is 2-4 weeks. We will bring the trampoline to any city of Lithuania.

ATTENTION !!! The duration of our professional trampoline explotation is 4-5 times longer than that of a trampoline made of tarpaulin for the use of a private household.

Standard trampoline dimensions:

Trampoline-slide dimensions (in metres)
Length Width Height
10  5 5,5

The complete set consists of a trampoline, an air compressor (1.1 kW / 230 V) and a manual for use.

The cost of a trampoline depends on its size and visual applications. For the exact price, you can contact by phone +37064880388.

Price: 4990.00 EUR

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